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KUMTOYS Wood pen holder and penny bankWood pen holder and penny bank is a product formed by laser cutting of 3 mm MDF. In this way, children can improve their manual skills and have fun. The fact that they can use their product as a penny bank will give them another motivation.Teaching how to acc..
22.00 TL
KUMTOYS Philography is the art Philography is the art of using certain knitting features in various places by passing wires between nails, which are nailed on a wooden background. The art of philography develops children and young people their handcraft...
40.00 TL
KUMTOYS CANVASCanvas is a tool used in the art of painting. It is a painting tool created by stretching cotton or linen fabric on a wooden canvas hoop. It is generally preferred for oil paintings.The cloth stretched over the frame is stapled from the back, fixed on the hoop and the canvas is fo..
20.00 TL
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