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TrafficObjectiveYour goal: Escape the trafic jamThat’s the objective of the game. Traffic challenges your problem solving and sequential thinking skills.How to playSet upSelect a puzzle and place the cars on the playing board according to size and colour the car as indicated by the illustrati..
60.00 TL
REDKA SOLO TEST The game aims to leave as few pawns as possible on the game board. The biggest success in the game is to leave a single pawn on the board at the end of the game. According to the number of pawns left on the board at the end of the game, there are even some mischievous scoring ..
66.00 TL
Wooden clock painting Wooden clock painting is a material that children can paint with their own labor and then use it as a clock. With the help of wooden clock painting, the children learn the painting technique and improve their manual skills. The use of our children's own products as a dail..
25.00 TL
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