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REDKA 3&9 Stones Players try to make a row with their game stones. At the beginning of the game, both players place their stones on the points. After placing all stones they start to move in turn. A player who arranges trio horizontal, vertical and diagonal acquire the right to "throw" o..
38.00 TL
MANGALAThere are 6 pockets face to face for each player totally 12 small hollows and 1 big store for each player to collect their seeds. Mancala is played with 48 stones. Each of the 12 hollows is filled with 4 stones. The object of the game is to collect the most pieces by the end of the..
65.00 TL
KUMTOYS ALUMINIUM FOIL *"Aluminum embossing" is the art of drawing on aluminum by drawing.*Our children who create works that they can exhibit by saving them in later times will experience the rightful pride of it...
4.50 TL
KUMTOYS CANVASCanvas is a tool used in the art of painting. It is a painting tool created by stretching cotton or linen fabric on a wooden canvas hoop. It is generally preferred for oil paintings.The cloth stretched over the frame is stapled from the back, fixed on the hoop and the canvas is fo..
20.00 TL
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