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REDKA Checkers Checkers is a set consisting of two different drawings and in two directions. That's why straight checkers can be played on one side, the cross checkers can be played on the other side. Moreover, you can play Chinese checkers on the section where straight checkers is played. Thus ..
38.00 TL
REDKA CHESS Red Chess consists of 32x32cm wooden playground and plastic game stones. The chess is a mind game played with two players. It is never too late to learn how to play chess. There are 16 pawns at the beginning of the game. The names of chess pieces are King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, R..
40.00 TL
MOUNTAIN HOUSEMountain House is not designed only for 1 form. You can make different compositions with 92 various wooden pieces. The main aim of the game is not to glue when building the mountain house. So, players build various compositions by their desire. The game contributes to childr..
150.00 TL
REDKA FIND THE DIFFERENCEIf the game is played with 2 players then we need 3 players, if with 3 then we need 4 players. According to the difficulty the game may start with 2 or 3 cards. The players are told to look at cards. The players look at the cards and try to keep the pictures described on ..
35.00 TL
MANGALAThere are 6 pockets face to face for each player totally 12 small hollows and 1 big store for each player to collect their seeds. Mancala is played with 48 stones. Each of the 12 hollows is filled with 4 stones. The object of the game is to collect the most pieces by the end of the..
65.00 TL
THE TOWER The tower is an African game of 54 equal components. These components of the game are transformed into the tower, one layer horizontal and next layer vertical blocks and so the tower will be built. The players should take wooden blocks using only one hand at a time and reposition it..
30.00 TL
LOOP LOOP Loop loop is a game consisting of 60 task cards, 1 card holder, 2 game platforms, 1 bell. The game aims to create the shape of the task cards in the fastest way with the colored marbles on the platform using the task cards. For the two-player game, the player who creates the shape o..
80.00 TL
REDKA LUDO Ludo is a game that can be played with 4 people. Each player has 4 colors. If the incoming player throws the number 6 in the cube, he takes the pawn to the playing field. When players find the number 6, they bring one of their pawns to the court. After having 4 pieces on the court,..
55.00 TL
PAT PAT Pat Pat contains 30 cards, each of which contains 6 from more than 30 different shapes. There is only 1 shape as the same between any two cards. Your goal is to find the same pictures on both cards. The player who first finds the shape tells the name of the picture and gets the card. ..
35.00 TL
Practical Intelligence 2 consists of 7 pieces and 36 squares. The game is played with 1 player. The main idea is to leave empty the specified square. The players try to end the game by leaving any square empty and try to place other pieces on the game board. Practical Intelligence is made from wo..
40.00 TL
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