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Practical Intelligence 2 consists of 7 pieces and 36 squares. The game is played with 1 player. The main idea is to leave empty the specified square. The players try to end the game by leaving any square empty and try to place other pieces on the game board. Practical Intelligence is made from wo..
40.00 TL
REDKA Checkers Checkers is a set consisting of two different drawings and in two directions. That's why straight checkers can be played on one side, the cross checkers can be played on the other side. Moreover, you can play Chinese checkers on the section where straight checkers is played. Thus ..
38.00 TL
Practical Intelligence 1 Practical Intelligence 1 is suitable for the first stage learners. Practical Intelligence 2 is more difficult and suitable for second stage learners. Practical Intelligence 1 consists of 6 pieces and 26 squares; ..
40.00 TL
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