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KUMTOYS Philography is the art Philography is the art of using certain knitting features in various places by passing wires between nails, which are nailed on a wooden background. The art of philography develops children and young people their handcraft...
40.00 TL
T TANGRAM Tangram is made of natural wood and it consists of seven various shapes. You can arrange different shapes and pictures depending on your idea. You can make 100 various shapes with 4 different pieces with this natural wooden puzzle. With the help of the booklet inside the pu..
11.00 TL
KUMTOYS 3D PaintingThree Dimensional Painting Technique is a material formed by bonding the shaped styrofoam to a wooden floor and then painting the resulting picture. In doing so, our children will;be able to concentratePreserve the beauties of the environmentbe able to comprehend the ..
18.00 TL
REDKA FIND THE DIFFERENCEIf the game is played with 2 players then we need 3 players, if with 3 then we need 4 players. According to the difficulty the game may start with 2 or 3 cards. The players are told to look at cards. The players look at the cards and try to keep the pictures described on ..
35.00 TL
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