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KUMTOYS MARBLING ARTMarbling art is a very colorful and precious art that has become a feast visually. Ebru, which is an art of decoration made with color painting works on the water, is not applied much nowadays. This art, which has been used a lot in our traditions, was previously limited whil..
100.00 TL
Wooden clock painting Wooden clock painting is a material that children can paint with their own labor and then use it as a clock. With the help of wooden clock painting, the children learn the painting technique and improve their manual skills. The use of our children's own products as a dail..
25.00 TL
REDKA LUDO Ludo is a game that can be played with 4 people. Each player has 4 colors. If the incoming player throws the number 6 in the cube, he takes the pawn to the playing field. When players find the number 6, they bring one of their pawns to the court. After having 4 pieces on the court,..
55.00 TL
TrafficObjectiveYour goal: Escape the trafic jamThat’s the objective of the game. Traffic challenges your problem solving and sequential thinking skills.How to playSet upSelect a puzzle and place the cars on the playing board according to size and colour the car as indicated by the illustrati..
60.00 TL
KUMTOYS WOODEN JigsawWooden puzzle is an educational material created by laser cutting of three mm MDF. It allows you to have fun with your child. It is regarded as classics among educational materials.While solving the puzzle, our children;They develop their skills to focus their attention,Discover..
22.00 TL
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