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KUMTOYS 3D PaintingThree Dimensional Painting Technique is a material formed by bonding the shaped styrofoam to a wooden floor and then painting the resulting picture. In doing so, our children will;be able to concentratePreserve the beauties of the environmentbe able to comprehend the ..
18.00 TL
REDKA FIND THE DIFFERENCEIf the game is played with 2 players then we need 3 players, if with 3 then we need 4 players. According to the difficulty the game may start with 2 or 3 cards. The players are told to look at cards. The players look at the cards and try to keep the pictures described on ..
35.00 TL
KUMTOYS Stamp Art Stamp Art is an art, created by attaching coated paper printed on styrofoam and embroidering stamps with needles on this paper. Stamp art allows children to develop mentally, while on the other hand, it allows them to increase their manual skills...
20.00 TL
LOOP LOOP Loop loop is a game consisting of 60 task cards, 1 card holder, 2 game platforms, 1 bell. The game aims to create the shape of the task cards in the fastest way with the colored marbles on the platform using the task cards. For the two-player game, the player who creates the shape o..
80.00 TL
KUMTOYS CARPET Ability to develop fine motor skills.Ability to perform certain movements requiring hand and eye coordination.To be able to apply applications related to the location in the space.To be able to concentrate...
25.00 TL
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