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Redka Akıl ve Zeka Oyunları Dünyasına Hoş Geldiniz!  

“Akıl Oyunları İle El Becerisinin Buluştuğu Nokta.”

Brand: REDKA Model: RD5284
REDKA SUDOKURedka Sudoku is a mind game consisting of a 9x9 main section and a 3x3 subsection, made of wooden material. The basic rule is to fill all game board columns and rows throughout the game numbers 1 to 9 and none of the two numbers in the same block of the puzzle can be the same...
75.00 TL
Brand: REDKA Model: RD5143
T TANGRAMTangram is made of natural wood and it consists of seven various shapes. You can arrange different shapes and pictures depending on your idea. You can make 100 various shapes with 4 different pieces with this natural wooden puzzle. With the help of the booklet inside the pu..
11.00 TL
Brand: REDKA Model: RD5333
One Way One Way is a national intelligence game that is prepared to develop the skills of reasoning, strategy development, problem-solving and fast, correct decision making in children. This game contributes to the development of a systematic thinking style in children. Since the arrow dire..
35.00 TL
Brand: REDKA Model: RD5319
REDKA SOLO TESTThe game aims to leave as few pawns as possible on the game board. The biggest success in the game is to leave a single pawn on the board at the end of the game. According to the number of pawns left on the board at the end of the game, there are even some mischievous scoring ..
66.00 TL
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