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KUMTOYS Discover the Shape Discover the shape is a great game that will help children to focus on something, develop the part-whole relationship, and recognize geometric shapes. Children compare the spaces in the picture with the plastic shapes coming out of the box. They try to complete ..
70.00 TL
MOUNTAIN HOUSEMountain House is not designed only for 1 form. You can make different compositions with 92 various wooden pieces. The main aim of the game is not to glue when building the mountain house. So, players build various compositions by their desire. The game contributes to childr..
150.00 TL
TACTIX Tactix is a two-player strategy game. Rules of Tactix are simple. The main purpose of the game is to force the opponent to take the last piece. Game space consists of 4x4 16 squares and played with 16 game pieces. Players can pick up as many pieces as they like along the vertically or ..
38.00 TL
PAT PAT Pat Pat contains 30 cards, each of which contains 6 from more than 30 different shapes. There is only 1 shape as the same between any two cards. Your goal is to find the same pictures on both cards. The player who first finds the shape tells the name of the picture and gets the card. ..
35.00 TL
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